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5 Work-Life Balance Tips

Do you find it difficult to have work-life balance? Every entrepreneur seeks a strategy to remove stress and add success. Here are five questions you should ask yourself and some work life balance tips you can follow.

  1. No time? To achieve balance, take time to integrate different elements of your life. For example, if you have errands to run and want to spend time with a friend, combine the two and invite your friend to join you.
  2. Is personal time optional? Actually, it is a fact that productivity decreases rapidly without rest and relaxation. Without a break, it’s likely you’ll be on the verge of burnout.
  3. Does life begin at 5:00 a.m.? Stop putting so much pressure on yourself to complete everything in a 10 hour day! Whether personal or professional, tackle the most challenging priorities first and work on the insignificant things later in the day.
  4. Is a 4-day workweek realistic? Often, young entrepreneurs believe they can start a business and work only a few hours daily and be successful. The truth is, it requires delegating, efficiency and a little overtime.
  5. Is it time to start a family? As a young entrepreneur, you have plenty of energy and spunk so why not share it with a baby; if you are running a start-up you probably don’t sleep anyway. Starting a family early helps you achieve financial freedom by the time your kids leave home.

We hope you found these work-life balance tips helpful. If your government contracting is stressing you out, contact Duncan and Company and we’ll help make it stress-free.


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