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A GSA Administrator’s Take on Technology in the Government

Following a recent Technology Industry Day, Denise Turner Roth, GSA Administrator, talked to the media about the ideal of innovation and her take on technology in the government. The day focused on the future of the Technology Transformation Service (TTS) and having meaningful dialogue with stakeholders and industry leaders.

Roth went on to talk about her vision for the TTS is to provide a medium that can actually demonstrate government and how emerging technology applies to the government space. Part of the vision for the General Services Administration (GSA), is to integrate the federal government agencies with others in the industry. In doing so, it means better and faster access to services, agencies, and contracts.

In conclusion, Roth discussed the importance of information sharing and feedback of what is needed to provide the best products and services to all those involved. The goal at the end of the day is to provide a value-add to federal agencies and industry partners alike. Do you have questions about the TTS, GSA, or technology in the government? We can help at KDuncan and Company – reach out to us today!


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