Commercial Services

Through our expertise with federal government procurement regulations, clients don’t waste time and money using the “Trial and Error” approach. We have years of experience in the federal government accounting industry.

KDuncan & Company is committed to assisting small government contractors to become more prosperous and succeed long term growth in the federal government. We take the time to explain the reasons and ramifications of any strategy that we recommend. Our time and audit tested methods will guide you through the maze of government regulations.

Acronyms like ‘DCAA’ and ‘FAR’ will never intimidate you again. We will assist you in your federal government accounting to obtain more positive relations with DCAA.

KDC has a 98% success record in getting clients’ accounting systems approved by DCAA.

Success Rate

For over thirty years, Mr. Duncan, Founder and Principal of KDuncan & Company,  has successfully guided business owners through the world of government regulations. He brings a wealth of business experience and expertise to clients.

“With my assistance, owners have learned to operate within the regulations and still make considerable money. As a corporate controller, I have helped many small businesses including 8(a) contractors achieve financial success.”Kevin Duncan,Principal, CPA, MB
  • Accounting Systems Support and Review

  • Outsourced Accounting

  • Policy and Procedure Preparation Outsourcing

  • Indirect Cost Budgets & Rates

  • DCAA Compliance

  • Outsourced CFO Support

  • Cost Proposal Support

  • Liaison with DCAA Auditors

  • Incurred Cost Submissions

  • Training

  • Tax Preparations