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No Bid Contracts Could Present Opportunity for Contractors

Federal agencies sometimes try to award no bid contracts, but that process is an opportunity for contractors. Agencies usually have to publish the award of the no-bid contract on A contractor can protest the award of the no bid contract.

That is exactly what Western Star Hospital Authority tried to do. The company protested the award of a temporary contract for ambulance services by the Army.

Western Star had originally submitted a bid for the larger contract, but the bid was rejected for being late. Western Star objected to the Army’s decision to reject the bid. As a result, the Army said it would restart the evaluation process and include Western Star in the bidding process.

During the protest process, the Army had awarded a temporary contract to Logistical Customer Service. When the temporary contract was about to expire, the Army posted an announcement that another temporary contract would be awarded to Logistical Customer Service. At the same time, the Army asked to extend the contract submission period for a longer period.

Western Star protested that decision to the GAO and argued against the award of a second short-term contract. The GAO rejected the claim, as the protest was filed after the deadline. It said Western Star should have known about the deadline, because the announcement was posted on


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