How To Prevent Security Breaches

How To Prevent Security Breaches

It is estimated that everyday over 100,000 cyber attacks occur at the Department of Defense. As a natural reaction, most respond by purchasing new technology and removing the point of origin. In reality, it is ineffective and unsustainable from a budget standpoint or a resource allocation, nor is it productive to prevent security breaches in the long run. Even with staff increases, technology updates, and security applications, it still may not be enough.

Here are ways to alleviate federal agency security fears and prevent security breaches:

Prioritize. New technology won’t fix the problem. Before promoting a solution, contractors can help agencies look at the big picture and their security posture. Speak up and share your experience as a contractor and provide advice on solutions with Federal IT. In return, they can broadcast information across all departments and agencies.

Pitch in. With tight budgets and limited resources, federal agencies need your help. Keep in mind, if you suggest an expensive solution that requires extensive training, be prepared for rejection. If a new solution replaces an existing system, it should implore existing skills and processes with limited training.

Automate. By introducing automation to Federal IT, it demonstrates the benefits of adopting it using contractors to assist agencies redistribute resources and manpower more efficiently. As a result, IT staff have more time to spend on security strategies with a focus on priority incidents.

Education. From the to IT position to the help desk staff, agencies should have structured education and training programs in place to recognize and eliminate threats. Explore the agency to determine their staff is properly trained to help if the need arises.

In good faith to their customers, contractors must deliver sustainable solutions that build deserved confidence into their overall security strategies. Otherwise, it’s a short-term win for you but a long-term pain for customers.

How does your organization work to prevent security breaches? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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