Contract Scheme

Contract Scheme Comes to Light

According to the Department of Justice, a former NASA employee pled guilty to a contract scheme in which he made false statements and pressured contractors to use a friend’s business.

As a full-time employee of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, Nathaniel Wright, 55, used his position to manipulate task orders to benefit small businesses whose experience did not align with the contracts. Between 2009 and 2012, Wright instructed and suggested to contractors how to create documents to justify including his friend’s business.

During an interview in 2012, the NASA office Inspector General, asked Wright about these practices and he knowingly made false statements about his involvement. Another incident, Wright indicated to a contractor that he would not consider their proposal unless they considered his résumé for a potential job.

As part of a plea agreement, Wright admitted to these indiscretions and entered with the DOJ Criminal Division’s Public Integrity Section and the District of Maryland, the prosecutors in the case. Sentencing for Wright is scheduled for Jan. 25, 2017.

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