Best Mileage Tracker App

How many of us keep our mileage log up to date for tax purposes? If you are a government contractor, you are required to keep a log in order to have car expense reimbursements and/or lease expenses be deemed allowable.

The world has become much simpler because there are apps available that make these tedious tasks very simple.  They use the GPS in your smart phone to create the log. I looked at a couple and the best mileage tracker app I found is one called TripLog. Each time that my Android connects to Bluetooth in my car, the tracker starts.  At the end of each trip (Bluetooth disconnects) , the app prompts me to choose whether the trip was business, personal, medical, etc.  If other than personal, the app calculates and displays your tax deduction.  If you drive more than one car, the app knows which one you are using for the current trip.

Finally, all of this information is loaded into the cloud and the reports are available to you to view or download into spreadsheet format.  I even get a weekly report emailed to me showing the past week’s travel for me to review. That’s why I think this is the best mileage tracker app out there.

Could it be any simpler?  No notepads, or spreadsheets, or pieces of paper to maintain.  Even better, no blank stares when the CPA, DCAA auditor, or IRS auditor asks you for your mileage log.

Have any other apps that you use that make your life easier? Share them in the comments below!

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